martedì 24 novembre 2015

New comic commission: Me as Black Cat!

Finally now i have new material for my future, imminent, Patreon page !.
Years ago, someone gives me the idea to create a comic with myself as the protagonist, but in cosplay version. It was an good idea, but i never had time to think of something.

This new commission talking about this. There are two pages with me in version Black cat, struggling with Peter Parker (wow !!) and the client, in cosplay, as Miles Morales !!
I admit that i love the idea, and the fact that i am in cosplay, that cosplay, is very exciting.
Indeed, it is difficult to distinguish, in a drawing, me in cosplay from real Black cat, after all i tend to draw all the women similar to me.. i think i'll play with eyes color and skin color.

Well, i will not tell you more! I show you a small preview of the work in progress ... and the rest ... you see it really on Patreon, with video tutorials, storyboards and more !!

Finalmente ho del materiale nuovo per la mia futura, imminente, pagina Patreon!.
Anni fa mi era stata data l'idea di creare un fumetto con me stessa come protagonista, ma in versione cosplay. Era una buona ma non ho mai avuto tempo per pensare a qualcosa, presa da tanto lavoro.

Questa nuova commissione parla proprio di questo. Sono due pagine con me in versione Black cat, alle prese con Peter Parker (wow!!) e il committente, in cosplay come Miles Morales!!
Ammetto che l'idea mi piace tantissimo, e il fatto che io sia in cosplay, quel cosplay, è molto emozionante.
In verità è difficile distinguere in un disegno me in cosplay dalla vera Black cat, in fin dei conti tendo a disegnare tutte le donne simili a me..penso di giocare con il colore degli occhi e la carnagione.

Beh, non vi dirò di più! vi mostro una piccola anteprima del work in progress...e il resto...lo vedete veramente su Patreon, con video tutorial, storyboards e altro!!

martedì 17 novembre 2015

New commission: high school orgy

I'm here with a little preview of a new commission. I remind you that most of my commissions will be shown in full and high definition on my Patreon page  (which i hope to open as soon as possible). Unfortunately in recent times a lot of the requests are relate to situations with real people, so i was forbidden to publish the images. However, i have so much other material for you!

This request was altogether one of the most normal, classic, but also one of the most difficult for the complexity of the scene and the number of characters (in total 6).
For example, to help the vision of all the characters, i had to distort a bit the perspective, which i hardly accept it, but sometimes this is granted in comics and illustrations.

Eccomi con una piccola anteprima di una nuova commissione. vi ricordo che la maggior parte delle mie commissioni verranno mostrate integralmente sulla mia pagina Patreon (che spero di aprire prima possibile). Purtroppo negli ultimi tempi metà delle richieste riguardano situazioni con persone reali, per questo motivo mi è stato proibito di pubblicare le immagini. Non temete però, ne ho di materiale!

Questa richiesta è stata tutto sommato una delle più normali, classiche, ma anche una delle più difficili per la complessità della scena e il numero di personaggi (in totale 6).
Ad esempio, per favorire la visione di tutti i personaggi, ho dovuto storpiare un pò la prospettiva, cosa che difficilmente accetto, ma a volte questo è concesso nei fumetti e le illustrazioni.

martedì 10 novembre 2015

Commissions: some clarifications

I would like to make some clarifications about commissions.

This is the process i follow when i accept an commission:
- Make One or more sketches with the customer's idea.
- Customer may ask any changes on the sketch.
- The sketch is confirmed (here i ask for payment)
- Proceed with pencil
- Proceed with ink
- Proceed with fix ink at pshop
- Proceed with color & delivery.

I'd like to clarify a few things. Usually during sketch i like to fix required corrections can happen because there are some misunderstandings of  differently language spoken, so often it can happen that i don't understand the type of request, or misrepresents a few requests.
When the error is mine, i can do dozens of changes on a sketch.
But i can't accept one thing anymore: the continuously change of idea on the sketch, which, sometimes, is pursuing the work for months without being completed. I can't accept this.
It can happens that the customer wait some weeks before i can begin the work, but, once when i start, i finish in a few days. So i need to define the sketch as soon as possible, so i can deliver the commission really in a few days.
Spend weeks, or months, only to change sketch is unnerving, it makes me lose time and other possible works.

So, from this day forward, i decided to fix the sketch up to where i am in error. Also i accept change idea, i will not do more than three changes. Otherwise, i'll ask an higher payment.

Most important of all: Once the ink or color is complete, it is NOT possible to request other changes.

After so many years i have made this decision, i hope this can't offend anyone. But i need to manage my time better, and more importantly, lose less money as possible.

I hope you can understand!

martedì 3 novembre 2015

Commission: Riptor

I am very happy about this request. Really, i didn't know Riptor from "Killer Instinct", but it was a pleasure to draw him in his first version.

Here an little part of coloring video tutorial. The whole video will be shown on my future Patreon page!


Sono molto contenta di questa richiesta. In verità non conoscevo Riptor di Killer instinct, ma è stato un piacere disegnarlo nella sua prima versione.
Qui sotto un breve video di colorazione digitale. L'intero video verrà mostrato sulla mia futura pagina Patreon!