New!! Video tutorial

20$ - You can get (besides your commission complete) an video tutorial with your illustration in progress and final step!

Here an example (few seconds in low resolution)

Comic commission: send me an e-mail to know my availability!

Flat colors $140 per page (like Spider-man 2099 porn parody)

Black and white $90 per page

Complete lettering: 10$

Maximum number of panels per page: 5/6


Black and white and flat colors

Commissions: send me an e-mail to know my availability!

Do you like me??? 
Cool!! Do with me what you want!!

1 character (ME)

- pencil 55$

- Ink 75$

- Flat colors 140$ 

- High quality colors 190$

Simple background (start to 30$)

Here MY references:



Do you don't care about me??? 

Commission classic:

After a few events, i have decided that the payment must be made in ADVANCE (paypal).
I'm sorry, i am a very serious person, and as you can see i respect people who comes to me for work.
All commissions (or most of them) are posted in my gallery on Hentai Foundry (you can find the link on right side the blog, on pink gecko!)

My e-mail is

- Pencil 45$ (+40$ for second additional character + 35$ for third  additional character)

Ink 60$ (+ 55  for second additional character + 50 for third additional character)

- Flat color 75$ (+ 70 for second additional character + 65$ third additional character)

- High quality color 90$ (+ 85 first additional character, 80$ for second and third additional 

- Simple background start to 30$

Some examples:


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  1. Madonna che bella che sei, davvero fantastica!

    1. Grazie Luca, gentilissimo!!
      Continua a seguire il mio blog! <3

    2. Ti ho anche scritto una mail al tuo indirizzo...

  2. Effettivamente sei uno schianto di ragazza.
    Ma questo per me non deve aggiungere nulla al tuo indiscutibile talento. Deve essere durissima per Te, buon lavoro e continua così, piccola!