sabato 8 agosto 2015

Summer rest

This message is addressed to some clients i'm working with in recent months.
As soon as possible i'll send a message individually to each of you, but right now i need to give you some updates faster as possible.

As you know, summer is always chaotic for everyone, especially for those who live far from own family. Since last June i had to loosen the work grip to be with my family and i was given a week off for myself . The weeks pass quickly, as this very hot summer.
Some problems have occurred in my family healt. In fact the situation is "negative" for many years but is getting a little worse. This brings me back to my town more often, losing important work days. And as we already know, this chaotic summer does not help us.

So i ask YOU again to be patient with me. Some work has been delayed many times, some less.

I think to come back fully active until mid-September or early October. This doesn't means that in the meantime i will not do anything for you, but simply that i will proceed with a slower rhythm than usual.

Soon, individually i'll give you news if your work is going on or less. I promise you that, in any case, you will not be disappointed by me, I don't forget anyone. I hope you can understand me !!

A strong huge, i wish you an happy summer! See you soon (as possible!!)

Rosita <3

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